Steampunk Little Mermaid Submarine

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Ariel the Mermaid's first encounter with the Prince as he pilots his steampunk submarine underwater. He sees her through his copper-edged windshield and it is love at first sight for both of them! Reflections of the waves dance above her head as fish swim in the sea coral behind her. The Siamese Fighting Fish mermaid tail flutters in the ocean behind her. The Little Mermaid's face is inspired by the beautiful Hedy Lamarr, and the Prince is based on Errol Flynn. I wanted to paint a steampunk little mermaid painting, so I put the prince inside a metallic submarine, similar to Jules Verne's 20 Leagues Under the Sea. Pretty soon after he beholds the beautiful mermaid, his ship will experience a leak and the Little Mermaid will have to save him!