Poseidon Feature Game Screen

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I painted this in 2020 as an artist test for Mahi Gaming. I was laid off from Konami during the pandemic and was unemployed for the majority of the year. My ex-coworker was working at Mahi at the time and asked if I would be interested in applying. The concept art for an imaginary game called Neptune's riches. The feature has full-reel Pic A's and 2x and 3x wild multipliers. The art was done in 8 - 1/2 days, 88 hours worth of work. I had to make a base game and feature game screens, animate the wild symbol and offer critique on one of their existing games. All this work and I got rejected! They said they didn't like my typography! I was really mad at the time, but shortly after I applied to Scientific Games which is a way better company and got hired.